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Verge (XVG) (formerly DogecoinDark (DOGED)) is a decentralised, open-source cryptocurrency forked from Dogecoin in October 2014 and re-branded as VERGE in February 2016. The project exploited the growing popularity of the "fun" Dogecoin cryptocurrency while adding code to increase the coin's anonymity and privacy features, notably the network's ability to run on dedicated Tor nodes. Verge is a pure proof-of-work cryptocurrency that uses multiple hashing algorithms to mine new coins. The number of coins issued has been set to 9 billion during the first year and one billion per year thereafter.

2 days ago
it appears some mining pools are under ddos attack, and we are experiencing a delay in our blocks, we are working to resolve this.
3 days ago
Thank you for all your contributions! #vergefam never disappoints. We recieved dozens of creative #vergeartwork entries. Our team selected 4 artworks, that will be the first to appear on our upcoming redesigned wallet. Soon we will do a community vote for the 5th splashscreen! vergecurrency photo
2 weeks ago
Looking for a place to promote your business? Here is your chance!

We are offering several sponsor packages for the Dutch meet up event, June 9th in Amsterdam.

(More info:

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2 weeks ago
free event shirt and meet and greet with founder of $xvg! vergecurrency photo
2 hours ago
I love the crypto business. This morning, based on numerous media reports, I apologized for recommending Cryptosecure. I was trashed for recommending garbage. This afternoon, I apologized to Cryptosecure for jumping the gun. I was then trashed for spreading fud. Go figure.
2 hours ago
Cryptosecure update: media reports were incorrect. They have not been served with a cease and desist. They have a letter, applicable to New Brunswuck, Canada only, stating that they might be selling securities in New Brunswick. My apologies to Cryptosecure.
5 hours ago
My interview with Crypto News Chronicle. Very upbeat.
8 hours ago
Cryptosecure has been served with a cease and desist by NASAA. Team McAfee agreed to promote them after an independent audit on March 4th. By the end of March we ceased cooperation and demanded they remove my name from their site. Apologies for my part.
9 hours ago
For those who believe we are in a bear market. No proof, but huge talk of a very near rally.