Taklimakan Network Reaches Their ICO Soft Cap in Just One Month

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Taklimakan Network, the mobile- and web-based platform developed as a knowledge portal for blockchain enthusiasts, traders, and analysts from beginner to expert alike, has just announced that they have reached the soft cap of USD 5 million for their ICO. The announcement comes just a month into their token sale, and just as they’ve entered the 4th phase of their public coin offering which features a 15% purchase bonus.
The Taklimakan app provides crowd-sourced services and trading tools (including trading signals, analytics, and strategies) that aim to empower users of any experience level who want to make educated choices about cryptocurrency trading. It was developed as an investment and education business platform designed to increase blockchain and cryptocurrency literacy. Taklimakan connects users with cryptocurrency experts who can be engaged as mentors, while more experienced users can participate in creating and/or voting for crowd-sourced portfolios with the potential to enjoy rewards for acquiring top user ratings. The platform also gives users access to its blockchain technology library, along with tutorials about various capital investment methods and trading instruments. All of these tools are curated and distributed depending on a user’s crypto and financial literacy level, with an eye to helping subscribers reach their personal educational goals. Pro-level subscribers are able to create and offer their own training materials, articles, master classes, and even individual consultations to anyone in the world in exchange for TKLN rewards.
The project recently launched a demo version of their platform that lets potential subscribers take it out for a test drive. Users can evaluate the app’s analytics and access the company’s TN Crypto 100, which will be updated bi-weekly based on traditional market capitalization metrics. The TN Crypto 100 is produced by regularly analyzing the top 10 trading exchanges, which are chosen by the platform based on trading volume in units. The demo provides instant data visualizations, so users can toggle between various trading dates of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in order to create a picture of the overall performance of a cryptocurrency. Demo users can access at-a-glance metrics for Alpha, Beta, and Sharpe ratios, and even access free crypto courses, in order to get a sense of what the overall platform has in store once it’s fully implemented.
The company’s co-founder and CEO, Rashid Yussup, brings over nine years of trading and investing knowledge to the project. He suggests that Taklimakan is a tool that has the capability of demystifying the world of cryptocurrency trading, so anyone can access open and reliable information, as well as up-to-date tools, analysis, and even crowd-sourced prediction services. “Taklimakan Network will become your mentor in the world of crypto currencies, guiding you to the best possible way of personal finance management,” he says. “Our platform introduces novices to expert financial analysts and crypto-mentors who can help anyone who is interested increase their blockchain and cryptocurrency literacy level. Everyone on the Taklimakan team believes that blockchain and cryptocurrency has the ability to change the world, and our aim is to play an integral role in making the technology a part of the global mainstream.”
The entire Taklimakan ecosystem is powered by the TKLN token, which is still available for sale during the company’s public ICO. The low minimum purchase price of USD $10 for 200 TKLN means that the platform is truly available to anyone. TKLN coins are available for purchase until June 9, 2018, with decreasing bonuses offered until the final stage of the ICO.
Find out more about Taklimakan Network by visiting taklimakan.io

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