IdeaCoin Review

What is IdeaCoin

The idea of ​​IdeaCoin system is very simple and profitable. They have created bots (IDEABOT) which monitor more than 12 exchanges and other sources for the appearance of new coins in their listing.

After the appearance of the coin on the exchange, the system analyzes the coin indicators, more than 24 parameters and decides whether to buy this coin for profit or not.

After the bots have made the purchase of coins, they further analyze the market for a sharp increase in the value of the bought coins (pump) and if it occurs, then sell these coins in several steps, making a very high profit in the system.

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IdeaCoin ICO

So the Idea Coin ICO will begin on the 20th of November(TODAY). It will finish on December 10th. There will be 15 million tokens for sale, and a total of 16.5 million tokens with the referral system in place rewarding users.

Getting into the ICO – or as most people say it out loud; initial coin offering will be a difficult task. By looking at previous lending platforms we can see that EthConnect had such unstable server issues that many people were unable to buy. Not only were the servers frequently offline, but the coins would sell out so fast when they came online that it was almost impossible for anyone without a bot to purchase. The reason these tokens or coins as many call them, sell out so fast is due to the return on investment after the ICO is complete.

Idea Coin Price Predictions

IdeaCoin ICO Price: $1.00

IdeaCoin Price in 3 months: $15

Returns: 1500%


Partnership program

When you invite new participants, we pay you the commissions in coins IDEA COIN. We will offer you various types of partnership rewards.

IdeaCoin Binary Bonus

For every number of coins invested to Lending Program you will get credits 1:1 (it means, that a user, who invested $2000, will generate you 2000 credits in the correspondent binary leg). When more than 2500 credits pile up in right or left binary leg, you close one binary cycle. 1 binary cycle makes you a bonus of $100 at the account of Lending Wallet. Maximum number of binary cycles at 24h is 4 cycles.

IdeaCoin Trading

You can make a serious profit at the internal (or external) exchange by purchasing coins IDEA COIN and their resale for a higher price.
In order to allow professional traders to join us, we launch our coin to big external exchanges, where you can buy and sell them.

IdeaCoin Mining

The special to IDEA COIN is the name. This is because of its extraordinary ability to be mined by every IDEA COIN user from home. It is said, that it is impossible to create gold at home. You have to work hard to find it. IDEA COIN works in a similar way. With the big difference, that your mint is your home. With the technology of IDEA COIN you are able to create IDEA COIN with your computer or special hardware (ASIC).

IDEA COIN can be mined with X11 algorithm .To earn a reward through PoW mining IDEA COIN, download the IDEA COIN wallet for your operating system.

IdeaCoin Stacking

Why can you earn profit from Staking? As IDEA COIN blockchain technology will give you bonus you when you hold your coin and your coin will be used to stake.

It is a way to confirm transaction for the system, the more you keep IDEA COIN, the more bonus you earn from Staking.

This means that if you just hold your coin in your wallet over time, and your coins are not used for Staking, you could miss substantial benefit. So if you have IDEA COIN that you are not involved in lending or trading then you should be involved in staking.

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